Lancer Third Party License

We started Lancer borrowing from a number of giants that came before us; we want to be sure to let you do the same. What follows is our short and hopefully comprehensive Third Party License — read it close, and get writing!


You may use the mechanics of Core Lancer, Lancer: Battlegroup, or any other Lancer product as the base for your system, setting, or game.

You may not use art or text from published or draft work by Massif Press unless given explicit permission. You may, however, use locations, concepts, characters, events, factions, and equipment in your work, as long as at least one 3rd party asset appears in the front or back matter of your product, as well as a thanks and acknowledgement to Massif Press for use of the Lancer setting and system.

You may not use the Lancer setting or system to publish content that directs hate towards protected groups.

You may use the Lancer setting and system as outlined above to publish content for sale or for free use.


You may use one or more of the following assets:

You may not use the Core Lancer logo, the web Lancer logo, the Massif Press logo, or any other official logo or brand ID used by Lancer or Massif Press.

You may not claim to be affiliated with Massif Press, nor intimate that your product is an official Core Lancer product.


Neither Massif Press nor its employees take any credit for your work, nor do we claim an association with the work you produce under our third party license. Neither Massif Press nor its employees take any legal responsibility for publishing your work or for legal claims against your work.

The following acknowledgement must be included in the final product:

“[The name of this work] is not an official Lancer product; it is a third party work, and is not affiliated with Massif Press. [The name of this work] is published via the Lancer Third Party License.

The following text must be included in the final product:

Lancer is copyright Massif Press”

Tone and Style

Remember: Lancer believes in a future where a better world is possible, has been achieved, and is expanding. While we can’t look over your shoulder or edit your texts for you, we do encourage you to write in our house style: earnest, smart, aware of power and the dynamics between the oppressed and their oppressors, and with an aim towards clarity. Lancer is soft science fantasy that wears hard science fiction’s suits — write big, but keep people in mind.

Lancer thinks things can and should be better, and isn’t afraid to write stories exploring what that looks like. Cruel and evil events can happen, but they shouldn’t be celebrated — they should be stopped. You’re playing lancers— the cavalry. Write settings and situations that call for some big damn heroes to get in there and help the right people; even if they don’t save the galaxy, liberating the city is good work enough.